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Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

November is Pancreatic Cancer awareness month and so I’ve decided to release a short story online to raise money to help in the fight against what is a particularly awful form of the disease. The book is called ‘Tuscany Skyline’

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Short Story collection out now – December 14th 2013

Hello everybody, At the start of this year I decided to set myself some goals. I decided that I would start a distance learning course on Copy-Editing and try to complete at least half of it by the beginning of

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‘The Ghosts Are Out Tonight’ Cover

My newest short story is released tomorrow on Amazon and Smashwords, so here is the cover image and a short description of ‘The Ghosts Are Out Tonight’: ‘There are other places to go; places I shouldn’t have put off visiting

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New ebook ‘Revelations’ by James Eddy

My new #ebook short story ‘Revelations is available to buy from various Amazon Kindle Stores and also for free from Smashwords. Here’s the Blurb for it: ‘There was no laughing and joking that morning. There could be no relief, no

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Hello, Emptiness – Front Cover

So here is the cover for my brand new ebook short story, ‘Hello, Emptiness’, which will be released this Saturday the 27th July. Obviously, with a title like this, it is my latest attempt to earn the title ‘King of

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Youngblood Books Mailing List

If any of you strange and kind people feel that you would like to receive updates about releases by me and Youngblood Books then please sign up to the mailing list here. Everyone who signs up will be entitled to

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The Graveyard

My new e-book (complete with its lovely artwork) is out now on Kindle and for FREE on Smashwords. Here’s a few words to give you an idea of what to expect: “Thoughts and feelings, hinted at before, were suddenly blossoming.

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First look at the artwork for ‘The Graveyard’

The next e-book that will be released by Youngblood Books will be ‘The Graveyard’ by James Eddy. It is another story from the ‘Diamonds’ short story collection and examines a middle aged man’s rite of passage as he learns to

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Fading Polaroids in Reverse

Fading Polaroids is out now and is available at Amazon US – Amazon UK – Smashwords – Here’s a little bit of a description of the newest of the ‘Diamonds’ collection of Short Stories: ‘Sarah was completely

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Artwork for Youngblood Books next E-book – Fading Polaroids in Reverse

The story from which this blog gained its name is finally going to be published and the artwork is done. It’s fair to say that I’m quite a lot happier with how this looks (Thanks to Miss Lauren Bathurst). If

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