NaNoWriMo Update 3 – Live updates available online

Here’s the third update for the novel I’m writing for NaNoWriMo this year. It’s fair to say that the second week has been quite a bit more challenging than the first. I’ve not really helped myself in the sense of not really planning as thoroughly as i would have liked, by working about forty hours this week in my day job, and also trying to complete an assignment for a copy-editing course i’m doing. Happily I can report that I’ve managed to stay on track with my word count (25,822, at this very moment), have worked a full week on a checkout, and i’ve even managed to complete the copy-editing assignment.

With that last thing out of the way, I plan to go through what i’ve written this week and put a few more chapters on smashwords and wattpad for people to read. For now though, Chapters 1-7 of ‘Hitchhiking through Hell with a Hangover’, are available to download or read for free. Once again I will warn you that it does contain some rather strong language from the outset. Here are the links:



Thanks for your time and happy reading.


James Eddy was born in Braintree, Essex in April 1980. After moving first to Colchester, Essex, the family settled in South Norfolk and James was able to enjoy the wide open spaces and quiet of the area which fed his imagination. Following an undistinguished University career, he began writing scripts for films and acting out the cliche of the drunken writer. He diversified by moving into prose and eventually focussed enough to write a collection of Short Stories called 'Diamonds' along with several other short stories a novel and novella. He released 'Bewilder', the first story from 'Diamonds' in April 2012.

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