New ebook ‘Revelations’ by James Eddy

Revelations1My new #ebook short story ‘Revelations is available to buy from various Amazon Kindle Stores and also for free from Smashwords.

Here’s the Blurb for it:

‘There was no laughing and joking that morning. There could be no relief, no celebration of a fruitful life lived to a natural conclusion. That had never been an option.’

It begins at a funeral, where the truth is hidden away inside the pages of a book no one was ever meant to read. But these words were never destined to stay silent. They are words with the power to make some sense of a girl’s life and death and reveal secrets that are terrible and beautiful enough to condemn and redeem both the guilty and the innocent.

Part nine of the ‘Diamonds’ collection of short stories and a sequel to ‘Lily Green’ and ‘Hello, Emptiness’, ‘Revelations’ is a story about grief, revenge, and the power of words and love.

As you can tell, The King of the Downers™ has returned but if that actually appeals to you then follow the links or go to the Youngblood Books website for more information.


James Eddy was born in Braintree, Essex in April 1980. After moving first to Colchester, Essex, the family settled in South Norfolk and James was able to enjoy the wide open spaces and quiet of the area which fed his imagination. Following an undistinguished University career, he began writing scripts for films and acting out the cliche of the drunken writer. He diversified by moving into prose and eventually focussed enough to write a collection of Short Stories called 'Diamonds' along with several other short stories a novel and novella. He released 'Bewilder', the first story from 'Diamonds' in April 2012.

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